Mike Raisch

    Mike has served as a Creative at Apple Inc. for six years, regularly conducting personal and group training sessions which inspire people to learn, grow and access their creative potential through technology. In addition, he ensured that his fellow Apple coworkers receive the training they needed to do their job well. Since Apple believes that inclusion inspires innovation, Mike excels in working with a diverse array of people with different backgrounds, learning styles and accessibility needs.

    Mike is qualified in FourSight, the Torrence Incubation Model (TIM), de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats, and numerous other creative thinking tools. His Master’s Project, The Beacon Model, examines the relationship between spirituality and creativity by connecting how we perceive the world and expend our creative energy to impact the world around us. His latest work delves into questions such as: How can we more effectively teach people how to unlock their creative potential across varying degrees of spiritual interest? How might we connect more deeply and creatively with our fellow humans in a world where abundance and technology seem to promote isolation? His current research explores sensory deprivation and the implications of removing the sense of time and visual space on one’s creativity and sense of self.

    Mike spent four years at the State University of New York at Fredonia pursuing a self-designed baccalaureate in Halloween Entertainment Business. While at SUNY Fredonia, he founded the Interactive Theatre Society and Dream Career Scholarship, both of which seek to encourage students to connect to their creative source and follow their passion. Building off this experience, he has founded Dark Labyrinth Entertainment, a new venture that is looking to inspire artistry and teach creativity while revolutionizing the Halloween entertainment industry.

    Mike obtained a certificate of Creative Change Leadership (2015) and a Master of Science degree in Creative Studies at SUNY Buffalo State (2016). Therefore he is qualified to train and facilitate the Creative Process in order to achieve self-actualization, creative products, organizational innovation and/or success. He was awarded Tutor of the Year 2010 from The Learning Center, SUNY Fredonia for positively impacting hundreds of students’ educational experience with Math, Physics, Accounting, and Statistics. He was also awarded the Mary Murdock Spirit Award 2016. He received it for showing the courage and wisdom to be his authentic self in the face of both praise and criticism, living in the awe and wonder of everyday creativity, being a willing champion of the creative spirit of others, and demonstrating energy and commitment to the creativity field. In all of Mike’s work, he utilizes the creative process to ask in-depth questions, seek out groundbreaking solutions and ignite creativity in everyone and everything with which he connects.

My Vision

My Story

Creativity vibrates in all living things and humans easily lose sight of the natural process. Without it we become stuck, frustrated, depressed, or bored. You can learn to be more creative and it will change the way you live, love, work, and play. My vision is to ignite that spark of creativity with every connection I make. If you are interested in learning more about my philosophy of Creativity, please download my masters project for free with the button below.